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Photo by: Daniel Castle circa 1974 "Meridian Iron Works" Copyright 1974, 2003.

"V3N1 Echoes" From the Land-Sea Discovery Group collection. For more information on the Mount Lowe Railway visit the Echo Mtn Echoes site at or the new E-Adventure web site at

The photographer is standing at the edge of the Arroyo looking east and north over the Pasadena and Los Angeles trestle and in the near distance the Los Angeles and Salt Lake trestle.  The P&LA became a part of the Pacific Electric (the Big Red Cars) soon after and the LA & SL became the Union Pacific.  Three of the foundation blocks from the P&LA trestle were just used as the base of the new  "walking man" artwork at the South Pasadena Gold line station.  The LA &SL trestle was replaced by a concrete structure which is still there and carries Pasadena Avenue into Highland Park today.  The interurban is headed for Los Angeles and the train is headed into South Pasadena.
-John  Heller, VP ERHA of SC

Courtesy of: "Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California -"